Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Sneak Peek at New Covers (I refuse to say "cover reveal" ugh)

Here they are - my five new books/book sets that will be out this coming fall/winter. From the marvelous Scholastic Canada, and the equally marvelous Kids Can Press! How I love them, let me count the ways! 1,2,3,4....5!

This one's soooo fun - I'm crazy about the illos by Dave Whamond. Dave illustrated the award-winning Secret Agent Y.O.U. for me and I am mad about his work. You will be too when you see the inside of this book. He has taken my simple concept of learning about adjectives (ideal for beginning readers and ESL students) and turned it into a hilarious adventure. I'm digging that shrieky tongue.

What happens when you cross Old MacDonald with a dog named Bingo? A very funny sing-a-long featuring familiar fairy tale friends in a  twisted "Whatever happened to...." plot. Look for this title in 2013 unless you are a very very lucky Luckey Duckey and can get your hands on it before Xmas.

So Editor Jen MacKinnon and I are still giggling over what's inside this book. Are you ready to be a spy? Are you a spy already? Can you escape Pus Eye's dreaded clutches? Boys, girls, and immature adults will laugh very, very hard while they take these nutso quizzes. Buy copies by the dozen as loot bag gifts and you're totally covered.

I tested some of the quizzes in this book with my wonderful personal trainer, Sarah Harris. If I didn't get the answers about her right, she would twist me into a pretzel and tell me to breathe from my belly. Luckily she was laughing too hard to do a triangle pose. I recommend this book for gals ages 7-12. And for their moms who are doing Girls Night Out. You will enjoy yourselves, all of you. I promise and my BFF is nodding her head in agreement.

Last but not least, the long awaited Gift Set for Quilliam the Porcupine. This set features a book with a smaller trim size than the original edition - perfect for little hands.

Because: Science!