Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's New for Fall..Part 2

Get ready to blast off into space to explore planets, stars, and beyond! This fun book will pull you in like gravity, full of fun facts, reports from explorers, maps and infographics, and more than 100 pictures.

The National Geographic Kids Everything series breathes new life into the fun reference category with a fresh and dynamic presentation of the nonfiction subjects kids are most passionate about. Packed with facts and tantalizing anecdotes from real experts and bursting with photographs, these lively books give kids a fun way to absorb everything they want to know about a subject, whether they are driven by passion or curiosity.

It was particularly fun for me to work on this book, since - a first! -  I co-wrote it with my son, Michael Szasz. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's New for Fall.... Part 1

In just two short days, the latest book in my quiz book series from Scholastic Canada comes out! It's funny. Here are the deets:

Have you got what it takes to survive?
Would you survive an attack by intergalactic microbes? What about sentient robots? Ghost cats? Or a Sharknado? See how you stack up against evil masterminds, giant scorpions, and the neighborhood bully! Rate your bravery, confidence, musclepower, and find out if you can master your own inner demons.
Reader tip: Don’t open the book without a firm grip on your security blanket. You’ll need every extra bit of bravery-boosting possible!

Because: Science!