Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab #science #tv #children #education

In my last post, I mentioned that I've been working with a television production company on a science show for kids. I've written the segment called "Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab" for two years now, and have also completed a full interactive webisode for the show that will be ready some time early in 2012. We're all hoping the show will be renewed for another year - it's been getting great reviews from the broadcaster, APTN.

The show is environmentally-focused, emphasizing the positive steps people around the world are taking to help protect Mother Earth.  It's a "magazine" style show, with seven different segments. Mine, Dr. Greenie, features a mad scientist and his supersized pink Guinea Pig sidekick. It's silly, sophomoric, and scientifically sound.

When I signed on for the project, I was told that the sound board contained 86 different fart sounds. My mission? To use them all. After two years, and twenty-six episodes, we've used about 40. Clearly we need another two years to complete my task!

You can see last year's totally ridiculous episodes at the Planet Echo Website. I hope you like 'em!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trouble in the Hills Gets a Trailer #YALIT

We may not be ready for wide theatrical release. Yet. But even so, we've got a fun little trailer to give you the flavor of the kind of trouble that awaits within the covers of Trouble in the Hills. I'm hoping to do a scripted trailer this winter, and a complete video game too, courtesy the great minds at the TV production company I work with on a science-related TV show, Planet Echo.

Here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's A QR Code and What's It Doing on My Book #yalit? #publishing

A QR Code is the little cryptic square appearing on consumer goods, posters and in magazine ads. You take a snap of it with your smartphone and voila! It takes you to a website - a video, or an info blurb - about the product.

We decided to be adventurous and add a QR code (two, actually) to my hot-off-the-press novel, Trouble in the Hills. It is an adventure story, after all.

Here's the QR code that appears on the back:

Go ahead, try it! See where it take you....

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Porcupine in A Pine Tree is a 2011 Heather's Pick!

I was so pleased to discover A Porcupine in A Pine Tree is a Heather's Pick for the second year in a row.

Here's what the page featuring Quilliam - print and stuffed versions - looks like:

And here's the display I found at the Yonge-Eglinton store last week. I had the great pleasure of signing more than 50 copies - an author's dream come true. This week, off to Yorkdale and Bayview to repeat!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Trouble in the Hills was successfully launched this past weekend.

Here are some photos to prove it!
A whole whack of the Canadian kidlit contingent. How many do you know????

The cake, made by awesome editor
and pastry chef Christie Harkin

Reading from the book. I am making
sound effects. Kaboosh!!!!!

Writer Mahtab Narsimhan, displaying
the hot off the press book.

Here I am with writers Danielle and Jeff Szpirglas and my hubby Karl

Writers Rebecca Upjohn and Jennifer Lanthier say, "Let them eat cake!"

Watch out Jen - psycho coming up behind you!

Kids book launches feature bumper cars. Take that, boring adult writers!

Fun was had by all.

Check out the expression on writer Kari Lynn Winters' face!

Here with editor Christie Harkin and writer Lori Weber,
whose wonderful book Yellow Mini was also launched the same day.

One must always wear awesome boots for bumper car racing

Because: Science!