Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back to School Fun!

Do you find back to school scary? It's not as scary as  Monster Sciencenew from Kids Can Press this fall!

You'll meet six of the world's most fearsome creatures and put them under the microscope to determine fact from fiction. Could monsters really exist? What science might make that possible? WARNING: what you discover might surprise - and even terrify - you!

Consider these hair-raising possibilities:

* Can you stitch together body parts and z-z-zap them to life, like Dr. Frankenstein? Shocking!Can you drink blood and live forever, like Dracula? Gulp.* Can you raise the dead and start a zombie apocalypse? Eek!* Can you transform into a werewolf under the light of the full moon? Arooo!
Monster Science tackles these questions and more, giving you the information you need to unlock dangerous scientific secrets. Read on, if you dare. And then take the quiz at the end of each chapter to see how you would fare as a mad scientist. Mwa ha ha!

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Because: Science!