Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Repost for Black History Month -SLJ Review of Juba This, Juba That

What a lovely holiday present - a nice review from SLJ! Here's what it says:

"This modern-day version of a traditional African chant imagines an adventure that happens one evening when a dark-skinned boy follows a yellow cat to the fair. They laugh at their reflections in the House of Mirrors, take a spooky fun-house ride, and generally have a wonderful time before returning home to bed. Becker’s simple rhyme plays with opposites and is just right for clapping and bouncing along. Lightburn’s lively illustrations perfectly capture the joy of the nighttime escapade and extend the story. The boy and cat are set against backgrounds of diagonal streaks of cool colors that aptly convey movement and a sense of fantasy. This is a good choice for reading aloud to an active group of youngsters."

Juba This, Juba That is available in the U.S from Random House.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Honors for Little Jack Horner !

Nice news for Little Jack this week - it has been named a BEST BET - Honorable Mention by the Ontario Library Association. AND received a Best of the Year citation in the Picture Book category from Resource Links.

Way to go, Jack!

Monday, February 3, 2014

What's Better Than Family Literacy? Not Much!

What's better than family literacy? Not much except for Family Literacy Day! This year, a fabulous event was held at the Ontario Science Center and featured such luminaries as Robert Munsch, Ruth Ohi, Patricia Storms, Kevin Sylvester and Ken Oppel. And moi. With my boyfriend Captain Underpants.

We'd been apart for so long...and oh the reunion was sweet.

The captain fell in love with me when he read The Ode to Underwear and realized we were a perfect pair.
That's Patricia Storms holding Ode to Underwear.
The cape says "Reading Gives You Superpowers!"

After our tearful reunion, we enjoyed hanging with Robert Munsch, Patrica Storms and Ruth Ohi too!

The event was sponsored by ABC Life Literacy, a great organization!

Because: Science!