Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update: New additions to the all-time funniest words in the English list #language #fb

We've got new words!!!

Kidlit doyenne Vicki Grant (Pigboy, The Puppet Wrangler) has offered two: Crepuscular and carbuncle. I should have thought of carbuncle myself, since it appears in my picture book ms. that's now out on submission, How Dragon's Learned to Fly,

                                "Doc Dora trilled, "Say 'Bob's your uncle!'
                                 And toodle-oo to that carbuncle!"

Crepescular, on the other hand, would have never made it on to my list, since I'd never heard it before. Thanks to Vicki, I now know that this super-hilarious word refers to the quality of twilight, the half light of dawn and sunset.

My husband contributed both Hyperbole and Parabola. He was eating a bolasupe at the time, har har.









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