Saturday, July 17, 2010

Even dogs have got to go with their strengths...

And so should we! That's always what I tell kids when I do school visits. You don't have to try to to be someone other than you are. If you don't "Fit," don't think you've got to change yourself.  Change your environment!

What's a weakness or obstance in one environment (say, a tendency to make funny voices and play with puppets - a career-killer in corporate sales) is an asset in another (say, as a children's writer-performer...uh, who me??)

No wonder I fell in love with this video. It shares my don't-squish-yourself-into-a-box-just-change-the-box philosophy. AND  it features the greatest ever inspirational doggy story.

The moral of the story is

Be yourself.
Build on your strengths.
Celebrate your unique abilities!

And THAT's when you will be the most successful, and the most valued by others.

It's grow vs. change. And I'm a big believer in growth. Just ask my waistline :)

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