Friday, August 20, 2010

The Air Lift is Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Take Off!

Things have been really moving along since I last posted about the Air Lift to LA. I've been up to my ear-balls with all the deets of making this happen - arranging the delivery of the books to California; arranging some comp air tickets to fly participating authors down to LA... But now we are set.

The ERB Group has given us an ultra-sweet deal on freight so we can afford to get the books were they need to go. A hearty thank you to all the good folks at Erb, and to brilliant, beautiful and kind librarian/author Nancy Runstedler for making the connection for us.

The big day is October 2nd, when more than 1200 books (the number is still climbing) will be delivered to Bunche School in Compton California. The library is going to be refurbished also as part of Access Books' ongoing projects, so we are, getting Maximum Bang for our Looney.

So far, four authors from Canada will be participating in the Oct 2 event - painting, sorting and presenting. We were soo lucky to received donated air miles to cover some of our flights  from Toronto to LA- I'm going to check if the donors would rather be anonymous before I give them a loud shout out here, but please know how grateful we are for your assistance!!!! I'll provide more details on who's going and what we'll be doing when we get there as they firm up.

If you are in the LA area, please SIGN UP to participate in the event! We need hands and hearts to sort catalogue and shelve books, as well as to paint a fun mural on the library walls to delight and inspire the kids. LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED (That was the deal breaker for me - no lunchy, no worky :)  )

For more info about Access Books, check out this video:

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