Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Book Cart Parade? What Better Way to Celebrate Books and Literacy?

Today I had the great honor to present at the 3rd annual Mississauga Literary Festival. It was a great event, overflowing with families enjoying the displays, the entertainment (which included authors such as Jennifer Maruno, Nicholas Boving and Judy Fong Bates) and a parade.

Since the event was sponsored by the Mississauga Library System, the parade was not your ordinary celebs-waving-from-convertibles parade. Instead, it featured that ubiquitous and beloved shelvers' vehicle: The library cart.

And who could have imagined what fun could be had with that humble four-wheeled metal workhouse?

I apologize for the quality of the pictures - I was being jostled on all sides by eager fans! But I hope these images will inspire librarians eveerywhere to get creative too.

These costumed "pushers" brought their carts around the centre to the general amusement of the crowd.

This one's decorated with 1000 cranes...
Every branch in the Missisauga Library System entered a cart in the parade. I don't know if there was a prize for the best effort, but it would have been hard to choose...
More "pushers" - these of the book variety....
This cart was decorated by a youth group of Manga fans!

If this Alice in Wonderland themed cart appears blurry, it's only because it was already disappearing down a rabbit hole...and into a good book!

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