Friday, January 21, 2011

She Shoots, She Scores!

I had two lovely surprises today. The first was a "Highly Recommended" review for The Hilarious History of Hockey from CM magazine.

The second was a piece of fan mail from a grandmother in New Brunswick, who sent me a picture of her husband reading A Porcupine in a Pine Tree to her seven grandchildren. The looks on these kids' faces is absolutely priceless! It made me smile, and smile.... heck, I'm still smiling. I've asked for her permission to post the picture here. Fingers crossed, so you loyal readers (Hi, Mom!) can get the smiles out too.

People often ask me if I'm working on anything... I have to giggle. You know I'm very, very busy when my blogging, tweeting and facebooking goes quiet, which it has been for the last while. Here's what I'm working on now, twitch twitch:

  • A non-fiction book covering everything you ever might possibly think you want to know about puberty - and lots you wish you never personally had to experience. I've found some incredible research, so this book will be a lot more eye-opening than your typical, "Celebrate your changing body" book.
  • Another  non-fiction book about the ocean, the critters in it, and the multitudinous ways we are screwing it up. Also what brilliant and talented people are doing to protect it. Yes, there is hope.
  • A second season of Dr. Greeny's Mad Lab, for APTN TV.
  • The second draft of my adventure/suspense/thriller for Fitzhenry and Whiteside. It will be out this coming September, if my revisions are any good. Ack!
  • And of course I'm always pitching ideas for new projects, in all genres, like a mad fool. So I'm always working on something...usually six or eight things at once.

    No wonder the laundry never seems to get done around here. :)


  1. Haha! Isn't that the main reason we write? So we have a legitimate excuse not to clean our houses?

    You rock! Lots of great projects on the go!


  2. Awesome good news! Fan mail must be so cool.

    And I've discovered the secret to getting away with doing laundry very infrequently: own lots and lots of clothes. LOTS. :-)

    Your projects look fab, by the way. Write On!


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