Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Magic and The Brain

I got the clicker last week. My husband and son were away, so I controlled the controller for one brief shining moment in time. I clicked to the kind of show I like - nonfic docs. Nova Science Now.

My reward was a segment on the show about magic: the science of magic, and the ways magicians use our faulty powers of perception to get their snazzy effects.

I was interested, of course, because the info covered in this show mirrored - or should I say smoke-and-mirrored - the material in my own book, Magic Up Your Sleeve. With one exception: my book, ahem, has a lot, lot, lot more info in it. That's the beauty of print over video.

So check out the Nova show - I've put the link below. Then get yourself a copy of Magic Up Your Sleeve and learn how your brain performs mental magic every single second of the day. You'll also learn a few easy-as-pie tricks that any klutz (psst! that means me!) can do. If you have half a mind to try, that  is. ;)

To see the video, click here.

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  1. Ooh, I LOVE Nova! Of course, we've brainwashed our kids into thinking that nature and science shows are cool, so I don't have to wait for everyone to leave the house to get to watch one. Then again, watching a show uninterrupted and without punctuations of, "Can you pause it? I need to pee!" and, "Why is the shark chasing the fish?" and, "Will you be quiet? I can't hear anything with you talking like that!" must be pretty nice. :-)


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