Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sci/Why? Why Not, I Ask You.

Those of you who love books, kids and/or science (that's er, everyone, I think?) will love love LOVE the new group blog site Sci/Why. It's just getting up and running now, so bookmark it, subscribe and wait to be entertained, educated and delighted.

A circle of like-minded science writers based in Canada  - and yes, I'm one of them - has decided to create this site to bring together some of the awesome news and views we've collected as part of our work. There was just too much cool stuff to keep to ourselves, or to fit into our books, or to hog in our own personal blogs. So now you will have one handy-dandy site to get all kinds of neat info about bugs or extraterrestrials, as well as tips on how to engage kids in science activity and critical thinking.

I can't wait to read my colleagues' posts. I am already eagerly planning mine - so much to say! So little time!

Check it out!

Sci/Why Blog

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