Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alligator Why?

I recently came across a blogpost, which I can no longer find, about children's books that were inspired by other children's books.

I didn't write a whole book inspired by another, but I did once write a poem - a riposte to Dennis Lee's Alligator Pie.

Here it is, for your amusement:

Alligator Why?

A Riposte to Dennis Lee

By Helaine Becker

World Premiere:

ALOUD: Harbourfront International Children’s Festival

June 25, 2005

I cannot for the life of me

Think why you crave so desperately

Those rude, repulsive, yucky tarts

Made from mushed up reptile parts

Give me apple crumble, give me ham on rye,

But keep to yourself that Alligator Pie!

As if you hadn’t had enough

You still want more - some stewed up stuff

Boiled crocodilian grin

Reduced to flapping teeth and skin

Give me chicken paprikash, give me ratatouille

But keep to yourself your swampy-phooey-stewy!

Soup, you say, let’s have some soup

For crocks of croc, I will not stoop!

Potage d’Everglade is one

Dish from which I’ll always run

Give me bouillabaise or mushroom barley soup

But keep to yourself your gross-out gator goop!

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