Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Out, Outer, Outest!

AlphaBest: The Zany, Zanier Zaniest Book about Comparatives and Superlatives is now available! It's already been reviewed by PW and Kirkus.

PW says, in part: "A pint-size superhero and a villain do battle through an amusement park in this alphabetical exploration of comparatives and superlatives. Both opponents suffer slapstick pratfalls as they race around the park: the hero gets covered in eggs, stuffed animal fluff, and green goo—demonstrating “eggy, eggier, eggiest,” “fuzzy, fuzzier, fuzziest,” and “slimy, slimier, slimiest.”...Closing notes offer grammatical tips for creating comparatives and superlatives".

And Kirkus says: "A bumbling klutz of a superhero chases a villain through an amusement park, the text consisting of 25 comparatives and superlatives describing their attacks on each other and the sights, sounds, textures and tastes of the park. ("Unique," appropriately, stands alone.) “Clever” is the superhero following a footprint trail. The villain is “cleverer,” slipping onto a Ferris-wheel–like ride. But the superhero is “cleverest,” setting the ride to “hyper drive,” which sends the dizzy villain flying....Whamond’s ink-and-watercolor cartoon illustrations are the true stars, his over-the-top scenes carrying the story with lots of humorous details that are sure to have kids chuckling. Expressive body language and facial expressions, especially pop-eyes, make the characters come to life."

AlphaBest not a comprehensive grammar guide, but rather a fun, funner, funnest introduction to adjective usage. I hope kids, parents and teachers will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it with Dave Whamond !

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