Friday, October 12, 2012

Great, Greater, Greatest Review for Alphabest!

CM Magazine reviewed Alphabest today! They gave it three stars, and had this to say:

"Gentle. Gentler. Gentlest.

Hot. Hotter. Hottest.

Icy. Icier. Iciest.

A bully at an amusement park makes other guests angry, angrier and angriest, until the brave, braver, bravest hero arrives on the scene. The chase that ensues involves increasing degrees of mayhem as the two move through the park and towards a surprise ending. Author Helaine Becker and illustrator Dave Whamond have teamed up to create an alphabet of comparative and superlative adjectives.

While Becker has carefully selected adjectives in alphabetical order, the nature of this book as an alphabet book is lost. Becker’s selections pair quite well with the illustrations and address the function of the book as an instructional tool for teaching standard comparatives and superlatives as well as some exceptions. Included at the end of the main story is a guide for teaching kids to form comparatives and superlatives with tips, rules, exceptions and examples.

The full-colour illustrations are the real gem of this book. Dave Whamond’s cartoon style is incorporated through the amusement park theme. This style is also perfect for the over-the-top examples needed to show superlatives, such as hottest, klutziest, slimiest and zaniest. Highly detailed pictures will have readers noticing something new upon each read through.

Helaine Becker and Dave Whamond are both Forest of Reading Award winners and have written a book that will teach and entertain. Definitely recommended for teachers.


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