Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's Official!

This is Chloe.
It's official - signed, sealed and in the mail - so now I can share my terrific news.

I'm thrilled to announce that from here on in I will be represented by Chloe Walker and Nick Ellison, from the Nicholas Ellison Agency,
an independent, boutique agency that's under the umbrella of the fabulous Greenburger Associates

This is Nick.

Nick and Chloe treated me to every writer's dream-come-true day last month, when we enjoyed a wonderful three-hour lunch getting to know each other. Now we're hard at working polishing up some brand new book project proposals, for subbing later this fall.

And this is me, demo'ing how I feel right now. :)


  1. Super-de-duper, Helene! Congrats!


  2. In the bag! Congrats Helaine! Now get to work.



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