Thursday, February 18, 2010

Etymology of the term "hoser" - it's even funnier than you thought

I was writing the section on hockey slang for the Hilarious History of Hockey today, and came across a reference that was too good to be true. It claimed that the term "hoser" originated in the pre-Zamboni days, when losing teams had to hose down the ice after a game.

I giggled, then dug a little deeper to see if I could find the source. After all, my book has got to be funny, but it also has to be accurate.

A little on-line research took me to what I think is the source "document"  - in an absolutely hysterical video from 2003 featuring the iconic "Clark, the Canadian Goalie."

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you put down your brewskie before you watch, or you'll wind up spewing it across the room. Really.

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