Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Very Literary Dog

We only have the very smartest dogs in our house. Pulis, aka Hungarian sheepdogs. Our first puli, Marley, is featured in Boredom Blasters in her very own comic strip. She was famous around here not only for her totally fab dreads, but for the time she ate the Thanksgiving turkey. Frozen.

Ella is our latest puli addition. At two, she is proving herself to be a very feisty young lady! It must be all the reading that has made her so "uppity," like her very uppity mom. A little education, you know, is a dangerous thing.

Ella always helps me turn the pages whenever I read, and is my constant companion when I write too. Don't be surprised if you find her influence in my work. There are "doolves" - half dog, half wolves, more intelligent than both - in my WIP. There are a few dog-related facts in The Hilarious History of Hockey too, which is due out from Scholastic Canada in the Fall. For example...did you know that at least one NHL player let their beloved pooch eat out of the Stanley Cup?

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  1. Wonder dog, indeed...but can one be surprised when she has you as mom :)
    Great blog and look forward to visiting often!
    Coby says hi to Ella!


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