Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm kvelling. And blowing my big fat horn too.

You remember when Sally Fields accepted her oscar saying, "They like me! They really like me?"

I heard her loud and clear.

Many of us find it hard to believe that other people think we are ok. Good even. Forget about terrific.

I admit it - that's me. Which is why I'm a praise junkie. That's why I work so hard, trying to create something people will like enough to say, "Good on ya, girl!" Flatter me, and it will get you everywhere.

So when a little bit of praise came my self-doubting way, this morning, it was like the gates of heaven had opened up. Gladness, nay, euphoria, shone down upon little ol' me. For a few translucent moments, I felt worthy.

But then my kids kicked me to the curb ("right, mom, we know, they like you, they really like you" --they've heard this spiel before), and I returned to my normal self - obsessively-compulsively typing away, trying to keep from disappearing into my comfy, familiar pit of self-criticism.

So forgive my shamelessness in sharing with you the source of my ephemeral joy: a glowing reference letter from a satisfied customer at Niagara District School Board.  I presented the keynote speech at their Silver Birch festivities (see my earlier blogpost on the subject) last month.

Miracle of Miracles. They liked me! They really liked me!


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